Benjamin Moore VS. Behr Paint, Which Should You Pick?

Apr 19, 2024By Tyler Bains
Tyler Bains

Choosing between Benjamin Moore and Behr paints can be a challenge. Both brands offer a variety of benefits at different price points. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the cost, longevity, and finishes of these popular paint lines to help you make an informed decision.

Overview of Benjamin Moore and Behr Paints

Benjamin moore regal select

History and Market Presence

Benjamin Moore was founded in 1883 and has long been associated with premium paints and coatings. Known for its innovation and quality, it caters to both professional contractors and homeowners seeking high-end results. On the other hand, Behr, established in 1947 and acquired by Home Depot in 1999, has made a name for itself by providing reliable and affordable paint products directly to consumers through one of the largest home improvement retailers in the world.

Benjamin Moore color selection

Product Range and Innovations

Benjamin Moore's product offerings include high-performance interior and exterior paints like Aura and Regal Select, which are renowned for their superior color retention and smooth application. Behr's lineup, including Marquee, Premium Plus, and Ultra, focuses on ease of use and durability, often promoting one-coat coverage as a major selling point.

Cost Comparison

Price Points

Benjamin Moore's products are typically found at specialized paint stores and are priced at a premium, reflecting their market position as a choice for high-end renovations and professional applications. Behr paints are accessible at Home Depot and are priced competitively, making them a more budget-friendly option for consumers.

Where Benjamin Moore can cost anywhere from $65 to $100 per gallon, Behr will cost you $35 to $55 a gallon. This has considerations as longevity to look at, when looking at the actualized cost per gallon. 

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Value for Money

While initial costs may be higher for Benjamin Moore paints, their longevity and the infrequency of needed touch-ups can provide better long-term value. Behr offers good quality for its price, especially for those looking for decent performance without the premium cost, but who is to say on how long the paint may last.

Quality and Longevity

Composition and Durability

Both brands use proprietary formulas to ensure durability. Benjamin Moore paints use advanced resins that bind pigments finely, resulting in a thicker, more protective coat. Behr paints also perform well, particularly in terms of mold and mildew resistance, which is often highlighted in their exterior paint lines. Benjamin Moore defintly takes the cake overall with some of our projects from nearly a decade still holding up as if they had just gotten painted. 

house painted with benjamin moore on exterior

Consumer Reviews and Expert Opinions

Extensive reviews and tests show that Benjamin Moore typically scores higher in independent tests for finish quality and longevity. Behr scores well in consumer satisfaction, particularly for ease of use and availability. We refelect the same opinion as when we have used Benjamin Moore, it applys well but may be harder for the general consumer to use.

Range of Finishes and Colors

Finish Options

Each brand offers a comprehensive range of finishes such as matte, eggshell, semi-gloss, and high-gloss. Benjamin Moore is particularly noted for its soft sheen options, which enhance architectural details without overwhelming gloss. Behr’s finishes are durable and often favored in families with children or pets due to their washability and resistance to staining.

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Color Selection and Trends

Benjamin Moore is celebrated for its sophisticated palette and often collaborates with designers to predict and set color trends. Behr takes a more consumer-driven approach, offering a wide range of colors that reflect current home decor trends and preferences, facilitated by their extensive presence in Home Depot.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Eco-Friendly Products

Benjamin Moore's eco-considerations include the Green Promise designation, found on lines like the zero-VOC Natura. Behr has responded to environmental concerns with its own low-VOC formulations and recyclable paint cans, emphasizing both user safety and environmental responsibility.

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Company Sustainability Practices

Benjamin Moore participates in extensive recycling programs, responsible sourcing, and maintains a commitment to community rejuvenation projects. Behr emphasizes sustainable manufacturing practices and has been recognized for reducing its carbon footprint.

Practical Applications

Best Uses for Each Brand

Benjamin Moore is ideal for high-traffic areas, complex color schemes, or when longevity is paramount. It is favored in historical restorations or luxury home markets. Behr is suited for straightforward projects, rentals, or for quick and cost-effective upgrades, making it popular among DIYers and property managers.

behr painted exterior of house

Professional Painter Recommendations

Professionals often prefer Benjamin Moore for its consistency and superior finish. However, Behr is frequently used for large-scale projects where budget constraints are significant due to its excellent coverage and lower cost.

Which Paint Is Best For You?

Benjamin Moore

Strengths: Benjamin Moore is renowned for its superior quality, durability, and a rich palette of colors. It is favored for high-end renovations due to its depth of color and longevity. The brand offers advanced paint technology, like the Aura and Regal lines, which ensure long-lasting finishes with fewer touch-ups needed over time. Overall the cost of the paint lasts tenfold in longevity and time to reapply. 

Weaknesses: The main drawback of Benjamin Moore is its high cost, which may be prohibitive for some budgets. Additionally, it is less accessible as it is typically sold through specialized paint stores rather than large retail chains.


Strengths: Behr is known for its affordability and wide availability exclusively through Home Depot, making it a convenient option for many DIYers and homeowners. The brand offers good quality for the price with features like one-coat coverage and a variety of quick finishes suitable for various home projects.

Weaknesses: While Behr is cost-effective, it may require more frequent applications over time compared to more premium brands. Instead of painting your home once every five to seven years, you will find it every two to three at most. The paint may also fall short in terms of the richness and exclusivity of color selections that some professional decorators and upscale projects might demand. It does not last nearly as long as any other premium paint and colors can look dull very quickly.

Our Choice

At BC Brushworks we will choose Benjamin Moore over Behr Paint any time we can, as it ends up being a better deal for the customer. Instead of the customer having to get our team to come back over the span of three times in a decade, we come once and do it right. 

We do on occasion recommend Behr if it is for a rental property or a quick refresh of a room, but again, you will deal with Behrs longevity either way. If you want to see some more of our paint comparisons, check out some of them below. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who actually makes Behr paint? Behr paint is made by Behr Process Corporation, which is a subsidiary of Masco Corporation. Masco is a large company that also owns other home improvement and building products brands. Behr paint is commonly found and sold exclusively at Home Depot stores.

2. Is Benjamin Moore the same as Behr? No, Benjamin Moore and Behr are not the same. They are distinct brands with different parent companies. Benjamin Moore is owned by Berkshire Hathaway and is known for its premium quality paints and is often favored by professional painters and decorators. Behr, as mentioned, is a part of Masco Corporation and is popular in the DIY market, largely available through Home Depot.

3. What is the number 1 rated paint from each lineup? From Benjamin Moore, the Aura Interior Paint is often considered the top-rated product due to its excellent coverage, durability, and color retention. It's a high-end paint favored for its superior performance and range of finishes.

From Behr, the Marquee Interior Paint is typically rated as the top product. It is highly regarded for its one-coat coverage and durability, making it a favorite among homeowners looking for quality and efficiency in their painting projects.

4. What is the best paint to use over old paint? The best paint to use over old paint depends on the condition of the existing paint surface. For surfaces that are in good condition (clean, not peeling, and without cracks), a high-quality latex or acrylic paint like Benjamin Moore's Regal Select or Behr's Premium Plus can be used effectively. These paints offer good adhesion, coverage, and durability.

If the old paint is glossy, it's crucial to sand it down slightly or apply a primer to ensure good adhesion of the new paint. Using a high-adhesion primer like Benjamin Moore's Fresh Start or Behr's Bonding Primer can be beneficial before applying the final coat, ensuring the new paint adheres well and provides a smooth finish.

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