Sherwin Williams VS Behr Paint - Which Should You Pick?

Jan 16, 2024

Before we dive into the Behr vs. Sherwin Williams showdown, let's quickly brush over the significance of paint in home improvement. A fresh coat not only transforms a space but also protects and adds value to your haven. Now, let's talk shop.

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Behr Overview, A Journey Since 1947

Behr, with its roots tracing back to 1947, is like the seasoned artist who knows every stroke on the canvas. The brand has weathered the trends, establishing itself as a reliable companion for DIY enthusiasts. One of its standout products, the Premium Ultra paint, has been a go-to choice for many homeowners.

Strengths: Behr doesn't just paint walls at a low-quality as some painters may have you think, The Premium Ultra line is known for its versatility, delivering some impressive coverage and great color selection. It is quite cost effective as while being avaliable at the majority of Home Depot stores.

Downsides: Behr has its nuances. Some users have noted that certain shades may require an extra coat for that perfect finish. We'll explore these intricacies to ensure you're well-prepared for your painting journey.

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Sherwin Williams Overview, Around Since 1866

Sherwin-Williams, the grand maestro of the paint symphony, has been orchestrating colors since 1866. With a history as rich as its pigments, Sherwin-Williams stands as a premium brand, known for pushing the boundaries of innovation. One of its crown jewels, the Emerald line, embodies the brand's commitment to excellence.

Strengths: Sherwin-Williams is synonymous with quality. The Emerald line, in particular, is a testament to their dedication to producing top-tier paints. The brand's commitment to innovation means you're not just painting; you're indulging in a timeless art form.

Sherwin-Williams doesn't just follow trends; it sets them. The Emerald line showcases cutting-edge technology, offering not only exquisite colors but also enhanced durability. This commitment to staying ahead of the curve is a hallmark of the Sherwin-Williams legacy.

Downsides: When comparing Sherwin to something like Behr, you will have to recognize price descrincies. Sherwin is most times a more premium product, brining a larger price tag. Where Behr Premium Plus may cost $45 per gallon, Sherwin Williams SuperPaint will cost $53 per gallon.

Time to get into the nitty-gritty! We'll dissect the quality and durability of Behr and Sherwin-Williams paints. From application to resisting the wear and tear of everyday life, we've got it all covered.

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Comparing Sherwin-Williams VS Behr Paint

Price & Budget Comparison

Now, let's talk turkey - or should I say, let's talk paint and budgets. Behr and Sherwin-Williams might both adorn your walls, but they come with different price tags, and as any seasoned painter will tell you, the longevity of your investment matters. Cheaper paints arent always better, its better to paint once for a bit more than three times in a similar period.

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Behr Affordable With Compromise

Behr has long been the budget-friendly option in the paint aisle, and for many, that's an appealing draw. The price per gallon is usually lighter on the wallet, making it a popular choice for those who want a fresh look without breaking the bank.

Durability Considerations: However, and it's a big however, the trade-off for the lower price can sometimes be a shorter duration of vibrancy. Some users have found that Behr paints may not withstand the test of time as well as their pricier counterparts. That vibrant turquoise you fell in love with might not stay as vivid as you'd hoped over the years.

Sherwin-Williams, Investing in Longevity

Now, let's shine a spotlight on Sherwin-Williams. Yes, it comes with a heftier price tag, but it's not just about the immediate dent in your wallet; it's an investment in the future of your walls.

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Our Experience in Victoria, BC: Here in beautiful Victoria, BC, where we've dipped our brushes into countless projects, we've had a front-row seat to the durability dance between Behr and Sherwin-Williams. Clients have sung praises for the longevity of Sherwin-Williams paints, with some jobs lasting well over six years without a hint of trouble for exterior painting. The colors stay vibrant, and the finish maintains its elegance.

Sherwin-Williams' Durability: It's not just a marketing claim; it's a real-world experience. Sherwin-Williams paints, like the SuperPaint® Interior Acrylic Latex, have proven their worth in our projects. The initial investment pays off over the years as the colors resist fading, and the walls stand strong against the wear and tear of everyday life.

The Balancing Act, What's Your Priority?

Behr might win the affordability game, but Sherwin-Williams takes home the durability trophy. It all boils down to your priorities. If you're aiming for a quick, cost-effective refresh and don't mind a potential touch-up down the road, Behr could be your brush buddy. On the flip side, if you're in it for the long haul, Sherwin-Williams might be the pricier but wiser choice.

What Paint Gives the Best Finish?

When it comes to choosing the right paint, the finish isn't just the cherry on top; it's the final brushstroke that defines the look for the remainder of that paints life. Behr and Sherwin-Williams, two heavyweights in the paint arena, offer a range of interior and exterior paints, each with its unique finish and flair.

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Interior Finish Comparison

Behr's trio of interior paint lines – Premium Plus, Marquee, and Ultra – provides a versatile range of finishes for every room. However, when it comes to sheer variety and an extra touch of sophistication, Sherwin-Williams steals the spotlight.

Sherwin-Williams takes the stage with a curated collection – Cashmere, SuperPaint, and Emerald. And when it comes to sheen, they've mastered the art.

Matte: Behr offers a cozy matte finish, but Sherwin-Williams' matte is pure elegance – perfect for showcasing rich colors without any distracting shine.

Semi-Gloss: Behr's semi-gloss adds glamour, but Sherwin-Williams' version balances sophistication and functionality, ideal for trim, doors, and high-traffic areas.

High-Gloss: While Behr's satin is versatile, Sherwin-Williams takes the lead with additional low-sheen and low-luster options, providing homeowners with more choices for creating a subtle yet sophisticated ambiance.

Low-Sheen and Low-Luster Brilliance (Exclusive to Sherwin-Williams): Sherwin-Williams goes the extra mile with low-sheen and low-luster options. These subtle finishes are perfect for those who want a hint of sheen without the glossy drama.

In the realm of interior finishes, Sherwin-Williams emerges as the clear winner, offering a more extensive range that caters to various preferences, from the bold to the subtle. Sherwin will last the time you need it to, while Behr will not.

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Exterior Finish Comparison

Behr's exterior paint lines – Premium Ultra and Marquee – provide durability against the elements, with Marquee offering weather-resistant properties. However, Sherwin-Williams' extensive range, including Emerald, Duration, and SuperPaint, proves to be the superior choice for enduring the outdoor challenges. We will only mention Sherwin as we do not recommend using Behr paint for exteriors.

Best - Emerald: Sherwin-Williams' Emerald line sets a new standard, excelling in color retention and resisting mildew, fading, cracking, and peeling.

Premium - Duration: Sherwin-Williams Duration offers enduring durability, making it a valuable investment in the longevity of your home's exterior.

Midgrade - SuperPaint Durability with a Cost-Effective Twist: Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint combines durability with budget-friendliness, outshining Behr's offerings in terms of both performance and cost-effectiveness. We say SuperPaint is midgrade yet it beats out the most premium paint-line from Behr every day of the week. 

In the exterior finish category, Sherwin-Williams takes the crown as the clear winner, offering superior durability, resilience, and a more extensive range of options for homeowners looking to protect their homes against the elements without compromising on style.

Application & Coverage Comparison

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Behr's Application Ease

Behr takes pride in crafting paints that are user-friendly, making the application process accessible to both DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Whether you're wielding a brush, roller, or opting for spray equipment, Behr's paints generally earn high marks for ease of use.

Coverage Considerations

Behr's paints often boast good coverage, especially with their Premium Ultra and Marquee lines. However, some users may find that certain shades or surfaces require an additional coat for optimal results. It's a consideration worth noting, especially when planning your project timeline.

Sherwin-Williams' Application:

Sherwin-Williams steps onto the canvas with a reputation for application mastery. Professionals in Victoria, BC, and beyond often find Sherwin-Williams paints easy to work with, offering a seamless painting experience across various surfaces, including vinyl siding.

Coverage Brilliance

Sherwin-Williams paints typically offer excellent coverage, ensuring that your chosen hue transforms your walls with fewer coats. The SuperPaint line, in particular, strikes a balance between durability and coverage, making it a preferred choice for many painting professionals.

Application Overview

While both Behr and Sherwin-Williams aim to make the painting process as smooth as possible, Sherwin-Williams edges ahead in terms of application mastery. The brand's paints are not just products; they're tools that turn every stroke into a masterstroke.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, Sherwin-Williams' commitment to providing an easy and efficient application experience is a brushstroke in the right direction.

Colour Selection & Avaliability

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Behrs Colour Selection & Convience  

Behr's diverse palette spans across Premium Plus, Marquee, and Ultra lines, offering a spectrum from subtle neutrals to vibrant hues. Widely available at major home improvement stores, Behr ensures convenience for customers seeking their desired shades. They are avalible at all Home Depot's so it is very convient. 

Sherwin-Williams' Selection & Stores

Sherwin-Williams unfolds a rich color symphony, catering to diverse tastes and design aspirations. From classic to avant-garde, their spectrum stands out. Sherwin-Williams paints are readily available at their dedicated stores and authorized retailers, ensuring easy access to a vast array of colors.

Which Has Better Avaliability & Color Selection?

In the color game, Behr's got a nice mix you can grab at big stores. It suits many styles. Sherwin-Williams, though, brings a rich symphony of colors. You'll find it not just at stores but at their own spots, making it a bit more special.

So, it's not just about the shades but also where you get them. Behr is easy at big stores, and Sherwin-Williams?

Well, they've got a special place just for you. Whether you're into convenience or want that extra touch, both brands give you a color palette to play with. It's like having a rainbow, either at your quick reach or at a dedicated spot. Your pick!

Which Paint Is Best for Your House? Our Professional Painter Recomendation

So, the final verdict? If you want a quick, easy splash, Behr is your go-to. But if you're into a richer color experience and don't mind a tad more effort, Sherwin-Williams is the winner. It's not just about the color; it's about how you want to paint your canvas.

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