Benjamin Moore VS. Cloverdale Paint, Which To Use?

Jan 14, 2024By Tyler Bains
Tyler Bains

Two popular choices among consumers are Benjamin Moore and Cloverdale Paint. Both offer a wide range of colors, finishes, and price points. Benjamin Moore tends to last longer, while Cloverdale is more affordable, making it more popular for budget orientanted customers.

But which one should you choose for your next project? Let's dive into the specifics of each to help you make an informed decision.

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Quality and Performance

When it comes to painting projects, the choice between Benjamin Moore and Cloverdale Paint is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the outcome. Let's break down the qualities of each to guide you toward an informed choice.

Benjamin Moore

Widely celebrated for its exceptional quality and durability, Benjamin Moore is a top contender in the paint industry. Known to deliver excellent coverage and a smooth finish,

Benjamin Moore paints often require fewer coats than their counterparts. The brand boasts a reputation for long-lasting color that resists fading over time, making it a reliable choice for both interior and exterior projects.

We recently just reviewed Benjamin Moore's Scuff-X, you can learn more here.

Cloverdale Paint

On the other side of the spectrum, we have Cloverdale Paint, a Canadian brand with a legacy dating back to 1933. Not as globally recognized as Benjamin Moore, Cloverdale Paint has carved its niche by offering environmentally friendly products with low VOC levels.

Customers praise its paint for durability, easy application, and impressive coverage. While lacking the same brand recognition, Cloverdale Paint holds its ground in performance.

Benjamin Moore vs Cloverdale Paint

Cost Considerations

Moving on to a crucial aspect of decision-making - cost. Understanding the financial landscape of Benjamin Moore and Cloverdale Paint is key to aligning your project with both quality and budget considerations.

Benjamin Moore: Renowned for premium quality, Benjamin Moore comes with a slightly higher price tag. The average cost per gallon of Benjamin Moore paint is around $57, with premium lines like Regal Select demanding an average of $66 per gallon. While the initial investment is steeper, the consensus is that Benjamin Moore offers unparalleled quality.

Cloverdale Paint: Positioning itself as a cost-effective option, Cloverdale Paint provides a competitive average cost per gallon, ranging from $25 to $35. This affordability doesn't compromise reliability, making it an economical choice for budget-conscious homeowners.

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Color Selection

Beyond performance and cost, the color palette offered by each brand is a significant factor in the decision-making process. it an economical choice for budget-conscious homeowners.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore boasts an extensive color palette, offering a vast array of options to suit every style and mood. Whether you're after a bold, vibrant hue or a subtle, calming shade, Benjamin Moore is likely to have it in their collection.

Cloverdale Paint

While not as extensive as Benjamin Moore, Cloverdale Paint makes up for it with a unique feature - the ability to match any color from any paint chip, fabric swatch, or even a photograph. This flexibility makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a specific color match.

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Which Paint Is Best For You?

Benjamin Moore excels in superior quality and a vast color selection, while Cloverdale Paint offers excellent performance at a more affordable price point. Your choice between the two will ultimately hinge on your specific needs, budget constraints, and color preferences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many coats of Benjamin Moore paint do you need?

The number of coats depends on factors like the color you're covering and the surface texture. In general, two coats are recommended for optimal coverage and durability.

2. Which brand is best for house painting?

The choice between Benjamin Moore and Cloverdale Paint depends on your specific needs. Benjamin Moore offers superior quality and an extensive color selection, while Cloverdale Paint provides excellent performance at a more affordable price point. For exterior painting we typicall recommend Benjamin Moore as we have had great results long term with them.

3. What house paint lasts the longest?

Longevity often depends on factors like climate and application. Both Benjamin Moore and Cloverdale Paint are known for durable finishes. Proper preparation and application contribute significantly to paint longevity.

4. What is the most durable paint for a house?

Benjamin Moore is renowned for its exceptional quality, providing a durable finish. Cloverdale Paint is also praised for durability. Choosing the right product and following proper application practices enhances durability.

5. How many coats do you need of each paint?

Benjamin Moore typically recommends two coats for optimal results. Similarly, Cloverdale Paint generally requires two coats for proper coverage. However, the number of coats may vary based on surface conditions and color choices.

Benjamin Moore will lay down thicker and have better consistently typically. So where you would use 1 coat with Benjamin Moore you may need 2 coats with Cloverdale for similar coverage.

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