Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin-Williams, The Answer To The Best Paint

Jan 09, 2024By Tyler Bains
Tyler Bains

Whichever project you have in mind, be it a rental property or personal home, the painting work can be a real game-changer. This is applicable for Victoria, BC, a view of nature in combination with a boiling urban environment means one cannot underestimate how your space will look. So let's look at Benjamin Moore paint vs Sherwin Williams!

bc brushworks team member painting wall with roller in langford bc

The BC Brushworks team provides customers with a more-than-several-years' background in the field. We took the time and did so by testing with over ten gallons of each product in this guide. We seek to distill insights and practical advice gained from hands-on experience, thereby informing your decision for your next project. Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams has been the go to topic in the painting industry for nearly a decade now with Sherwin improving their quality and challenging for the top spot.

The painter's view is all about quality and performance.

For quality, it's hard to choose between Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. Quality paint is not just for the color to pop, but its life expectancy in terms of the finish and ability to handle wear and tear. From our case study of projects all over Victoria, time and time again, both brands constantly deliver on durability, coverage, and the life expectancy of the finish. But from their formulations, slight persuasions can be made, given preference by a professional according to what specific project needs are.

Benjamin Moore, The Benefits and Downsides

For example, when it comes to the best coverage and outstanding color choices, Benjamin Moore has a great reputation. From its Regal Select line to its Aura products, it delivers great options that include solid surface protection and an even, smooth finish on many of their paints. This color accuracy ensures that the tones remain vibrant for a long time, which can prove to be critically important in Victoria's highly variable climate. The color matching at Ben Moore, is incredible and would recommend anyone to use it if needing to paint their home to a color they once loved.

Benjamin Moore color wheel to help customers choose colors

Sherwin Williams, Where They Excel

While Sherwin Williams is outstandingly known for many projects, what shines the brightest in this collaboration has to do more with the user friendliness of products such as Emerald and Duration.

sherwin williams team member rolling paint on wall

They are best known for brilliant coverage, easy application, and can take a beating from any sort of weather. Pair that with the extensive availability in their stores—providing easy access to everything we need for our project—and it's set up perfectly for success.

Which Should I Pick?

Now that you understand the basics of both Sherwin Williams vs Benjamin Moore, it's time to talk specifics. We will analyze each field of importance when  selecting the right paint for your next project.

pick paint cans, 100s to choose from

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

As a green-minded entrepreneur, we are very careful as to the level of "greenness" of the products we use for painting. Another stride towards earth protection would be the recent lines of low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and zero-VOC paints introduced by Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. We use their new lines of low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and zero-VOC paints not only for earth protection but also in providing our clients with the safer quality of air indoors.

Colour Options and Preferences

Color choice is one area in which both brands shine, offering their clients an extensive amount of colors and an array of tools to get the perfect match for you. Both have premium paints and both have a great variety of colors.

color of the year from benjamin moore 2024

Benjamin Moore offers an updated annual Color of the Year and hand-selected color palettes for a great dose of inspiration in our projects. Sherwin Williams, using their tool of ColorSnap® Visualizer, makes it easier for anyone to match and virtually see the color they choose for their space. If you are looking to do any color matching for your home, insure to go to both and compare to your current wall. 

Price Comparison: Value for Money

In our experience, the cost of each is nearly the same when considering value per project. While Benjamin Moore may seem slightly more expensive at first glance, its value becomes obvious with the quality and durability it provides the paint, thus allowing for less frequent touch-ups and repainting over the long term, thereby giving a net overall lower cost.

Depending on which lineup you go with the average cost per gallon in 2024 for Benjamin Moore paint is $65 where Sherwin Williams is $57. Over the last few years prices have increased across the board.

Sherwin Williams consistently provides excellent value, with frequent deals and PaintPerks bonuses that particularly cater to those who do a lot of painting. When dealing with premium paints, both have very comparable lines with similar lengths of use.

Application and Ease of Use

The application to be used will have great influence on the execution and hence the results of the project. For application, both companies are friendly as their products could be brushed, rolled, or even sprayed with ease.  Sherwin williams and Benjamin act a bit different in this segment. All premium paints typically act a bit different, which we will go over.

applying paint to wall with painting company for Sherwin Williams vs Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore's paints are smoother in their application; thus, for those projects that involve finer detailing finishes, it is most recommended. Sherwin Williams paints, on the other hand, dry fast and are durable; this makes them the most suitable use for high-traffic areas and exterior use in open, exposed areas.

Coverage and Drying Time

Critical path factors include coverage and drying time. Our team found that both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams offer outstanding coverage in a majority of the most common series, needing fewer coats than other brands at times. With such acceleration, project schedules are not unaccommodated for and quality is not sacrificed. Some products may vary from there in drying times, but with each, accelerated project schedules are not unaccommodated for and quality sacrificed. Professional painters will not have an issue with either when trying to paint your home, this typically is more of an issue for newer painters.

Product Availability and Accessibility

Accessibility is something where Sherwin Williams slightly takes over with its wide-reaching network of stores.

Sarehole Mill By George Willis Pryce

Sherwin Williams Locations 2023, Canada. Credits: ScrapeHero.

Sarehole Mill By George Willis Pryce
Benjamin Moore Locations, 2024, Canada. Credits: ScrapeHero.

On the one hand, Benjamin Moore's commitment to local businesses and their distribution through independently owned stores supports local economies and provides a more personalized shopping experience. For BC Brushworks, it often comes down to specific requirements of the project at hand - whatever the suitability of sourcing materials. Professional painters should be able to work with either paint that the client would select.

Deciding Which Your Going To Pick

You have all of the information to make your decision now, but which are you going to pick? You may have noticed we left out one imporantant category for any business which is Customer Service and Support. Simply said, both are amazing. They both take the cake in offering the full gamut of advisory services, color tools and after-sale support. Paint companies have to have great support to keep their long term contractors for years to come.

sherwin williams customer support repersentive smiling at customer

Our every interaction with them had always been pleasant, wherein the responsive staff exert every effort to solve knowledge challenges. Mention is made here of expert opinions and contractor preferences.

Over the years, our team has used a wide variety of paints and products. Most professional choices and preferences derive from specific project needs. Benjamin Moore is my choice for high-end residential projects when it comes to color precision and finish. Sherwin Williams, with its exceptional durability and robust product line, often becomes our preference on commercial works or exteriors.

A Well-Balanced Palette for Your Projects

So when it comes to Benjamin Moore versus Sherwin Williams, you don't have to make an either/or choice. After working with both brands for a very long time, we at BC Brushworks say that each of them has their strength, depending upon how diverse the project can be. Whether you are painting that historic downtown Victoria house or protecting your exterior from that coastal weather, there are choices in products from each that may suit your needs.

We will always advise our customers according to which kind of paint their project needs, the choice in color, durability, effects of painting on the environment, and budget allocation. This way, you will be able to make an informed choice of carrying out the vision that solidly supports our expert advice. Paint companies typically offer incentives, so ensure that you look around for that as well.

You will ultimately have a preference for either the rich heritage of Benjamin Moore or mass accessibility with Sherwin Williams at the end of the day, but BC Brushworks is here to make sure that your project shines regardless. Quality and sustainability guaranteed in every job we perform at BC Brushworks; we are prepared to offer you the best experience you have ever asked for.

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