Dulux vs Benjamin Moore, Truth About Paint Quality

Apr 08, 2024By Tyler Bains
Tyler Bains

In the battle of paint giants, Dulux and Benjamin Moore go head-to-head. Discover which brand offers superior quality and whether Dulux has any connection with Glidden.


Ever stood in a paint store, can in hand, wondering whether you're making the right choice? Dulux and Benjamin Moore are two heavyweights in the paint world, each promising a blend of quality, durability, and color precision. But is Dulux paint as good as Benjamin Moore? And hey, what's the deal with Glidden – is it just Dulux in disguise? Let's roll up our sleeves and apply a fresh coat of clarity to these questions.

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Dulux and Benjamin Moore: A Brush with Quality

The Legacy of Color

Dulux, a name synonymous with durability and a vast spectrum of colors, has been adorning walls worldwide for decades. Their reputation for quality at an accessible price point makes them a favorite among homeowners and professionals alike. On the other side, Benjamin Moore, with its rich heritage and commitment to exceptional color and craftsmanship, has painted its way into the hearts of discerning decorators and DIY enthusiasts.

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Quality and Performance

When it comes to the nitty-gritty of paint quality, both Dulux and Benjamin Moore spread on thick their claims of superior coverage, long-lasting finishes, and resistance to the wear and tear of daily life. Dulux paints are celebrated for their ease of application and resilience, making them a go-to for both indoor and outdoor projects. Benjamin Moore, however, often takes the edge in premium offerings, with lines like Aura and Regal known for their extraordinary color depth and durability.

Price Tag or Priceless?

Pricing can often be the deal-maker or breaker. Dulux generally positions itself as the more budget-friendly option, without skimping on quality. Meanwhile, Benjamin Moore, often seen as the pricier competitor, argues that its higher cost reflects a superior product, with advanced technology and ingredients that promise a longer-lasting finish and truer colors.

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Color Me Curious: Range and Selection

In the rainbow rivalry, both brands showcase impressive palettes. Dulux prides itself on a wide variety of shades and finishes, offering something for every taste and project. Benjamin Moore, not to be outdone, boasts an equally extensive color selection, renowned for its depth and richness, with specially curated collections that inspire both professionals and homeowners.

Is Dulux and Glidden the Same Paint in Disguise?

Let’s clear the air: Dulux and Glidden are siblings under the AkzoNobel umbrella, a global giant in paint and coatings. While they share some parental DNA in terms of corporate lineage, they cater to different market segments and brand philosophies. Dulux often stands out in the international market, especially in the UK and Australia, whereas Glidden is more prominently positioned in North American stores, each with its unique formula and market approach.

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Some Questions Readers May Have

Is Dulux paint a quality paint? Absolutely! Dulux has earned its stripes (and colors) in the quality department, balancing cost and performance to fit a wide range of painting needs.

How does Benjamin Moore paint compare to Dulux in terms of quality? Benjamin Moore is often perceived as the more premium brand, with some lines offering advanced durability and color retention. Dulux, however, competes closely, offering reliable quality and value for money.

Are Dulux and Glidden the same company? They're part of the same family under AkzoNobel but operate as distinct brands with different product lines and market focuses.

Wrapping It Up, Who's Better?

So, is Dulux paint as good as Benjamin Moore? It's a canvas of personal choice, budget, and specific project needs. Both brands offer commendable quality, but Benjamin Moore might edge out with its premium lines. However, Dulux provides a sturdy match with its cost-effective and reliable range. As for Dulux and Glidden, they are relatives in the vast paint family, each with its own identity and specialty.

So to recap, who is better where?

Application and Ease of UseIt's a tie! Both brands are praised for their easy application and smooth finish, making them favorites among DIYers and professionals
Quality and DurabilityBenjamin Moore edges out with its advanced formulations and premium lines offering exceptional durability and color retention.
Price and ValueDulux offers great quality at a more accessible price point, making it the go-to for budget-conscious consumers
Color SelectionBenjamin Moore, known for its rich, deep colors and curated collections that inspire creativity.
Brand Reputation and ReliabilityBenjamin Moore, with its longstanding reputation for high-quality, innovative paint products, takes the lead.

While Benjamin Moore often leads in quality and color richness, Dulux provides excellent value and holds its own in the paint market with reliable performance and a broad color palette. We personally prefer to use Benjamin Moore as it is the highest quality paint on the market, over Dulux. Sherwin Williams is another great option when searching in-between the two. We wrote an article on if you should pick Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams a couple months back.

Whether you’re going for a budget-friendly refresh or a high-end remodel, your perfect paint pick is out there. Remember, the best paint is the one that meets your project's needs, aesthetic desires, and wallet weight. So, dip your brush into the palette of options and paint your world beautiful!