Bring the Colours of Victoria Into Your Home

Apr 09, 2024By Tyler Bains
Tyler Bains

Bring the essence of Victoria into your home with BC Brushworks' expert guide. Explore how the city's natural landscapes and urban charm inspire our bespoke painting designs, transforming your space into a reflection of the region's unique palette and style.


Hey there! Are you looking to infuse the vibrant and diverse colors of Victoria into your living space? BC Brushworks is here to guide you on this colorful journey! Victoria, with its stunning natural beauty and picturesque cityscapes, offers a palette of inspiration for your home. From the lush greens of Beacon Hill Park to the historic hues of the Inner Harbour, we’ll show you how to bring these elements into your home with style and flair. Ready to paint your world with the colors of Victoria? Let’s dive in!

Why Pick One Style? 

Navigating the sea of style options for 2024, BC Brushworks has meticulously curated a collection of painting styles that embody the essence of Victoria, BC. We've taken inspiration from the city’s natural landscapes, urban vibrancy, and historical roots to create a diverse portfolio of styles that cater to every taste.

Whether you’re drawn to the serene tranquility of coastal blues, the earthy richness of forest greens, or the vibrant energy of downtown hues, we have a style that resonates with your personal aesthetic. Our expert team has analyzed the latest trends and local inspirations to ensure that each style offers a contemporary yet timeless appeal, perfectly suited for modern living spaces.

Choosing a BC Brushworks style means inviting the beauty of Victoria into your home in a way that’s both unique and stylish. Let us help you find the perfect match that not only reflects the latest trends but also aligns with your individual personality and lifestyle, making your home a true reflection of the best that Victoria has to offer.

Downtown Warmth: Inspired by Victoria’s Inner Harbour

cars on road during daytime in downtown victoria

The Inner Harbour, with its historic buildings and warm ambient lighting, inspires our “Downtown Warmth” palette. We suggest Benjamin Moore's "Chantilly Lace" (OC-65) for a soft, warm white that captures the essence of the area's inviting glow. Complement this with Sherwin-Williams' "Real Red" (SW 6868) to mirror the distinctive reds of the iconic British Columbia Parliament Buildings. This combination brings a cozy yet sophisticated vibe to any room.

Beacon Hill Greenery: Nature’s Embrace

View of trees at Beacon Hill Park during the spring in Victoria, Vancouver Island, canada

For a touch of Victoria’s lush Beacon Hill Park, our “Beacon Hill Greenery” palette focuses on the vibrant greens and earthy browns of this natural oasis. Consider using Farrow & Ball's “Yeabridge Green” (No. 287) to bring in the fresh, leafy feel of the park’s expansive lawns. Pair it with “Mouse's Back” (No. 40) to echo the park’s majestic trees and shaded paths, creating a serene and grounded atmosphere in your home.

Urban Vibrancy: What Vancouver To Victoria

high-angle photography of city

Envisioning Vancouver as a future city, the color style we foresee blends cutting-edge innovation with the natural beauty that defines the region. The "Vancouver Futurism" palette is a harmonious mix of sleek, urban metallics and the lush, verdant greens iconic to the city’s landscapes. Think of incorporating shades like "Cyber Space" (SW 7076) by Sherwin-Williams, a deep, smoky gray that captures the city's modern, urban edge. Pair this with "Reflecting Pool" (SW 6486), a vibrant teal that mirrors Vancouver’s dynamic coastal energy.

To add a natural contrast, we incorporate "Cedar Green" (2054-20) by Benjamin Moore, embodying the rich, evergreen forests surrounding Vancouver. This earthy tone grounds the futuristic vibe, linking the city's forward-looking architecture and technology with its environmental roots. For metallic accents, consider "Brushed Aluminum" (1485) by Benjamin Moore, which brings a touch of modernity and sophistication, reflecting Vancouver’s status as a hub of innovation and progress.

Royal Blue Harbour: Reflecting the Salish Sea

a body of water surrounded by rocks under a blue sky

The “Royal Blue Harbour” palette captures the expansive and soothing blues of the Salish Sea. Behr's “Sailor's Knot” (MQ5-36) reflects the sea's deep blue tones, perfect for creating a calming and reflective space. Accentuate with “Silver Marlin” (2139-50) from Benjamin Moore to mimic the sea’s gentle ripples, offering a tranquil and harmonious environment that’s ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Sooke Wilderness: Rustic and Rich

a rocky shore with a body of water

Drawing from the wild, untamed beauty of the Sooke region, our “Sooke Wilderness” palette features deep forest greens and rich earth tones. Benjamin Moore's “Forest Green” (2047-10) embodies the area’s dense foliage, while “Brandy Cream” (OC-4) captures the warmth of the forest floor. This palette is ideal for spaces where you want to foster a sense of retreat and connection with nature.

Your Home, Victoria's Palette

By integrating the colors of Victoria’s landmarks and natural landscapes into your home, BC Brushworks helps you create spaces that are not only beautiful but also deeply connected to the local environment. Whether you're drawn to the vibrant energy of the city, the serene beauty of the coastal and park areas, or the rustic charm of the wilderness, there’s a palette to bring your vision to life.

Transform your home with colors that speak of Victoria's diverse and picturesque landscape. Let BC Brushworks be your guide to a world where every stroke of the brush tells a story of connection to this beautiful city.