Is Walmart Paint Any Good? Our Review

May 15, 2024By Tyler Bains
Tyler Bains

When it may seem easier to just buy paint from Walmart, it is for a reason. Find out why no professional company will use Walmart paint, even when on a budget.

If you are wondering if Walmart paint is good, we will dive into it and the reviews it gets.

Picking The Right Paint

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Choosing the right paint for your project is crucial, whether you're sprucing up your living room or tackling a large exterior job. With so many options available, you might wonder if Walmart paint is a viable choice. This article explores whether Walmart paint is any good and why professionals tend to avoid it, even when on a budget.

Pros and Cons of Walmart Paint Quality

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Why Should You Use Walmart Paint?

Its afforadable, easily accessible at all Walmart stores and has a decent range of colors and finishes. Thats about where the pros end. What overshadows the wins on that side of things is where it lacks, it has a short-lasting, lower quality finish than almost any other company, it requires three times the coats and just is less durable.

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As a professional, we would never consider using Walmarts current offerings. The only oppurtunity and reason you would use their paint over others would have to come down to small, spur of the moment DIY paints. Even then, I would recommend using other options.

Who Makes Their Paint?

Walmart's interior paint is produced by various manufacturers under Walmart's private labels. For instance, ColorPlace is made by AkzoNobel, a large multinational company.

akzonobel headquarters
AkzoNobel, the manufacturer of Walmart Paint

Despite being produced by well-known manufacturers, these paints are formulated to meet specific cost and performance criteria set by Walmart, which often means they are not on par with premium brands in terms of quality and performance.

Is Home Depot or Walmart Paint Cheaper?

When comparing prices, Walmart paint is generally cheaper than paint from Home Depot. However, this lower cost often comes at the expense of quality. Home Depot offers brands like Behr and PPG, which are known for their superior performance and durability.

While you may pay a bit more at Home Depot, the investment is usually worth it for the enhanced results and longevity you get from higher-quality paint.

Expert Opinions and User Reviews

Painting professionals and experienced DIYers often advise against using Walmart paint for significant projects. They highlight issues like poor coverage, inconsistent color, and reduced durability.

User reviews on Walmart's website and other forums also reflect these concerns, with many users noting that they needed to use more paint to achieve the desired finish and that the paint didn't last as long as expected.

On our end, we would never use Walmart paint. We do not recommend it, and do not think you should use it either

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