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BC Brushworks is a leader in professional cabinet painting and kitchen cabinet refinishing services that will make your home look it's best with the right preparation, primers, and coatings to last years at a time. No need to replace, refinish instead.

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What Sets BC Brushworks Apart?

Experience The BC Brushworks Difference When Cabinet Refinishing Company

  • Prompt and Professional Service: Our team is great at what we do with over a decade of experience! Our team are all experienced painters who train monthly on new techniques. We work in Victoria, BC and we make sure to do the job right.
  • Quality Finishes That Last: We use quality paint that lasts and that is safe for you and the environment. Approved with low VOCs approved by the Master Painter Institute! We want your cabinets to look excellent for a long time. We can use different kinds of paint like latex or oil-based depending on the site.
  • Communication: We understand that open communication is key to any successful client-business relationship. We'll keep you informed with daily updates on your project to ensure you are happy with the final result.

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  • Professionalism: Our team of professionals are courteous, and respectful, and treat your property with care. We ensure that the site is left clean and tidy at the end of each day. We hold our team to high standards.

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If you're ready to refinish your kitchen cabinets, don't hesitate to reach out! We're here to discuss your requirements and offer you a detailed free quote.

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Our Cabinet Refinishing Process

The Process That Made Us The Go-To Cabinet Refinishers 

BC Brushworks team has over a decade of experience. Our cabinet refinishing team knows to provide a high-quality finish that will last.

  • Consultation: We start with the consultation regarding whether it will be best for you to have the cabinets replaced or refaced and resurfaced. Learning what you may need, and including a full estimate including the cost of materials and labor.
  • Preparation: It is always a must to make perfect work before you start. That helps prep the surface by cleaning and filling any damage that has happened with wood filler. Take a tacky cloth and remove any particles to give a high gloss finish. This shall include, though is not limited to, ensuring that the resurfacing material applied adheres perfectly to the resurfacing material, making the surface finish provide the final surface with quality that is prepared well.
  • Resurfacing: Led by our highly experienced professionals with an art that uses quality tools and techniques. Resurfacing is an art, and with our professionals, we strive for nothing but perfection. Never rolled, always sprayed with high enamel paint, and left to cure fully with high gloss finishes.
  • Inspection: Our eagle-eyed inspectors take over as the resurfacing draws to a close, ensuring every last detail measures up to our high standards. We spare no effort in touching up and fixing any flaw, so you achieve a perfect result. Right now, we will leave it to dry and give time for the kitchen cabinets to dry up completely, as your painting work mostly depends on this.
  • Follow-Up: What's most important to us is that our customers are pleased. And our work does not stop there. We do not just leave you after resurfacing; there's a follow-up with you to make sure all of it is up to your expectations. Our high-enameled paints should be able to hold up your doors and drawers for years to come! 

    On average the entire process takes 3-5 days from estimate to finished project. We work carefully to protect all surrounding surfaces, to ensure a clean-cut finish. Get started today with our professional team near you, ready to make your kitchen cabinets beautiful again.

    So, What Does Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets Cost In Victoria, BC?

    Refinishing or painting your kitchen cabinets in Victoria, BC costs start at $3,000 where you can completely refinish your entire kitchen cabinets! Where replacing your cabinets can range from $9,000 to $15,000.

Should You Get Your Cabinets Refinished?

To Reface or Replace?

Wondering whether to reface your kitchen cabinets? It's a common dilemma. The decision can impact your kitchen's look and feel. Let's dive into the considerations to help you make an informed choice:

  1. Cost: Refacing is often more cost-effective.
  2. Time: It's a quicker solution than a full cabinet replacement.
  3. Aesthetics: Achieve a fresh look without changing the kitchen layout.
  4. Long-Term Vision: Great for those planning to stay; consider buyer preferences if selling.
  5.  High Standards: Our team is held to a high standard in Victoria BC with attention to detail. With cabinet painting you can select the color you want longterm and enjoy the look, rather than settling for few options.

    The decision depends on your unique situation, budget, and preferences. BC Brushworks is here to assist you in creating the perfect kitchen. Ready for a consultation or have questions? Reach out—your dream kitchen is within reach!
black refinished cabinets at 650 Kenneth Street in Saanich BC

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Kitchen Cabinet Painting FAQ

What does it cost to reface my cabinets in Victoria?

The cost of cabinet refacing varies based on factors like materials, size, and location. On average, it's often more affordable than a complete cabinet replacement but ranges from $2,000 to $5,500 on average.

Is it cheaper to reface or replace cabinets?

Generally, refacing is a more cost-effective option compared to replacing cabinets. It provides a refreshed look without the hefty price tag. Cabinet painting is a great option for anybody on a budget.

Are your painters licensed and insured?

Yes, all our painters are licensed and insured professionals who undergo thorough background checks to ensure quality and safety in every project.

Can you reface old kitchen cabinets?

Yes, you can reface old cabinets if their structural integrity is intact. It's a great way to give them a fresh look without a complete overhaul.

Can your team work on MDF Cabinets?

Yes, MDF cabinets can be refaced. The process involves applying veneers or laminates to refresh their appearance. Cabinet painting works for most surfaces.

Do I have to be home when the workers arrive and work on our project?

No, you don't need to be home when the workers arrive and work on your project. At BC Brushworks, we prioritize your convenience and understand the demands of your schedule. Our professionals are trained to work efficiently and respectfully in your space.