How To Paint a Stucco House & All of Our Tips & Tricks

Jan 03, 2024By Tyler Bains
Tyler Bains

How to paint stucco in any climate with best practices from professional painters that understand proper prep, great products, and with our newest application tricks you'll get the best finish every time.

Before Learning How To Paint Stucco Houses

Before diving into the best way to paint a stucco house, house painting is important to understand what stucco is. Stucco is a type of plaster material made from cement, sand, and lime. It's highly durable, resistant to weather, and offers a unique aesthetic appeal. However, painting stucco requires a special approach due to its textured surface.

An exterior stucco job makes a home look refined and well put together, no matter how long or what style it used to look like. Yet with all exteiror painting it does take the normal tear and wear with a longer time horizon. 

Exterior stucco is one of the best finishes to have if your looking to have a long-term, durable home with a fresh paint job that will last for on average ten years!

Follow the steps below and we will show you our teams tips and tricks to ensure your finish will look great every time and how to paint your stucco home the best way.

handyman painting house external wall for home renovation

Before Painting Your Stucco House

Tools and Matrials Needed for Painting Your Stucco - Learn The Best Way To Paint Your Stucco Home

Stucco and painting house wall during renovation with Soffit installation. Remodeling Home with insulation and painting house wall. Unfinished house

Before you head into your stucco transformation project, here's a shopping list with estimated prices:

ToolsPriceWhere To Buy?
Caulk Gun$15.99Local Hardware Store (e.g., Home Depot, Lowe's)
Extension Ladder$89.99Home Improvement Stores, Department Stores
Paint Brushes (Assorted Sizes)$24.99Art Supply Stores, Hardware Stores
Paint Roller Cage$12.99Local Paint Stores, Home Improvement Stores
Pressure Washer$149.99Home Improvement Stores, Specialty Tool Rental
Roller Covers (Thick-Napped)$9.99Paint Stores, Home Improvement Stores

Tools Subtotal: $303.93

MaterialsPriceWhere To Buy?
Acrylic Exterior Caulk$7.99Local Hardware Store, Paint Stores
Block Fill Primer (Optional)$24.99Home Improvement Stores, Paint Stores
Polyurethane Exterior Caulk$12.99Local Hardware Store, Paint Stores
Sandpaper (80- or 100-Grit)$6.99Hardware Stores, Home Improvement Stores
Stucco Patch (Optional)$17.99Home Improvement Stores, Paint Stores
Acrylic Latex Exterior Paint, Flat Finish (15 Gallons)$81.39/gal

Paint Stores, Home Improvement Stores

Materials Subtotal: $1291.80

In total to paint your stucco home it would cost on average after everything $1595 if you are just accounting for materials and tools used. This is for an average 2000 sqft painting project in Victoria, BC our team just completed. Painting a stucco house is not easy and can be costly, but will last a long time.

Step by Step Instructions On Painting Your Stucco Home The Best Way

house with beatup stucco exterior

Now that your have everything to get started, here is our proven four step-method to ensure a premium stucco painting finish everytime.

Step #1: Clean, Prepare Your Stucco, and Protect Surroundings.
Step #3: Prime & Paint the Stucco
Step #2:  Repair Any Cracks

Step #4: Apply Second Coat

Step #1. Clean, Prepare Your Stucco, and Protect Surroundings

What to do before you dive into the stucco painting process:

Inspect the Stucco House:

  • Look for structural issues, such as hairline fissures, larger cracks, or holes.
  • Pay attention to large horizontal cracks, which require professional repair.

    Pressure Wash:
  • Clean the stucco walls thoroughly to remove dirt and debris.
  • Use a pressure washer with a pressure between 1,500 and 2,500 PSI.
  • Start at the top and work downward for a comprehensive clean.

    Scrape Paint:
  • Begin at the top, scraping off any peeling or loose paint.
  • Use a low-angle scraper to avoid damaging the stucco.

    Protect Windows and Doors:
  • Cover windows, doors, and other details with painter's plastic or paper and painter's tape to prevent overspray.

    Step #2: Repair Any Cracks

    Caulk Small Cracks:
  • Use exterior acrylic caulk for smaller cracks.
  • Apply a thin bead, push it into the crack, and feather it out with a moistened chip brush.

    Fill Large Cracks:
  • Scrape out loose stucco.
  • Fill with caulk and, for larger cracks, use a ready-mix stucco patch.

    Protective Measures:
  • Be cautious about repairing cracks caused by water leaks. Address the leak before painting.

    Step #3: Prime & Paint the Stucco

    For optimal results in painting an exterior stucco surface, consider utilizing either spraying, brushing, or rolling techniques - yet spraying is the best when painting stucco. If you don't have a paint sprayer, it's possible to rent one. Graco 390's are our typical go to.

    Our suggestion is to use Sherwin Williams' LOXON® Exterior paint for stucco projects. Typically, most use a flat sheen when painting stucco, as it effectively conceals imperfections and enhances the overall appearance.

    Priming (If Needed):

    • If painting for the first time, prime with an acrylic latex block filler for better coverage.
    • Follow the manufacturer's instructions for application.

      Choose Your Paint:

      • Opt for an acrylic latex paint in a flat sheen for stucco.
      • Acrylic allows the stucco to breathe, and flat sheen helps mask imperfections.

        Apply Paint:

        • Cut in around windows, doors, and trim with a brush.
        • Roll paint on the walls with a thick-napped roller cover.
        • Start at the top and work in small sections to maintain a wet edge.

          Spraying (Optional):

          • Consider using an airless sprayer, especially for highly textured stucco.
          • Back-rolling may be necessary for textured surfaces.

            Second Coat (If Needed):

            • Follow the paint manufacturer's instructions for temperature and timing.
            • Apply a second coat if required.

              Step #4: Apply Second Coat

              Ensure Full Drying:

            • Allow the first coat to dry completely before applying the second.

              Reapply Paint:

              • Repeat the painting process for the second coat.
              • Ensure even coverage and a smooth finish.
              • The best way to paint a stucco exterior is to either spray, brush or roll it. You can rent a paint sprayer if you don't own one. We recommend using AURA® Exterior paint on stucco. Most people opt for a flat sheen when painting stucco to mask any imperfections.

                Pro Tips Before Starting Your Project

                Maintenance Tips

                After your stucco house has been painted, regular maintenance will help extend the life of the paint job. Inspect your home annually for any signs of damage, and address them promptly. Keep the stucco clean with gentle washing, and touch up any areas where the paint may have chipped or faded. With proper care, your stucco house will look fresh and vibrant for years to come.

                Understand The Types of Stucco

                In the realm of stucco finishes, there are two main contenders: synthetic and traditional.

                Synthetic Stucco (EIFS):

                • Recognized as Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS).
                • Offers a softer texture and boasts prolonged color retention compared to its traditional counterpart.

                Traditional Stucco (Hard Coat Stucco):

                • Also known as "hard coat stucco."
                • Crafted from a blend of cement, limestone, sand, and water, applied over a robust base of metal mesh.
                • Exhibits enhanced durability but may undergo color changes over time.

                Identification Tip: Distinguishing between EIFS and traditional stucco is a simple knock away.

                • A hollow sound suggests EIFS, known for its softer composition.
                • A solid sound indicates traditional stucco, celebrated for its enduring toughness.

                Understanding these nuances helps you navigate the world of stucco finishes, enabling informed decisions for your exterior projects.

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